Studio room set photography

Studio room set photography for Wickes, this particular shoot was for the front cover of a Wickes fireplace brochure. I liaised with Art director at Wickes and together we came up with the colour and product combinations. Set design, building, … Read More

Food photography

I am often commissioned to do food photography. This shot was for a restaurant menu board in a sushi bar. With a brief to shoot a range of sushi within a given area and on a background that could be … Read More

Studio based product shot

Studio based product shot, part of an ongoing commission to produce product photos for a company producing hospital equipment. The pictures are for use with both print based publication and internet marketing. The images are have the ‘cutout’ removed and … Read More

Industrial photography for websites

This shoot was industrial photography for websites. I was commissioned by a manufacturer of wooded furniture components, to produce a range of industrial factory photographs, showing the production capabilities of the factory.